Architecture, Interior Design & Construction blending seamlessly to create elegant Computer Generated Images

About us

Unit4 Studio is an award-winning London based Visualisation studio founded and led by Neal Phillips. The studio specialises in highly detailed visualisations for the Residential, Commercial & Hospitality sectors.

We create beautiful photorealistic images for a host of both UK based and international clients, that effectively communicates the proposed design of the space.

We collaborate closely with Property Developers, Architects, Brand Agencies, Interior, Yacht & Product Designers

We take your concepts & visualise the imagined.


Creating beautiful, photoreal images with ground-breaking technologies, CGI is our passion. Our team is talented, friendly, approachable, and absolutely committed to achieving the best imagery possible. We can work on multitude of different projects & are highly experienced in both large scale and private developments worldwide.


Creation of highly detail photo-realistic images which are fully Computer Generated.


Creation of film to tell a story, with traditional fly-throughs, 3D pans of spaces or close up shots with moving assets.


Connecting from space to space 360 panoramic images, a client can get real feel of proportion & scale.


Neal Phillips Unit4 Studio London CGI and Interior Designer

Neal Phillips – Founder

Neal is an ambitious, creative & positive person with over 15 years of experience working in the Visualisation sector. He has worked on a wide range of projects, varying from small residential developments to large scale commercial offices and unique hospitality spaces.


At Unit4 we are always on the look out for highly skilled freelance 3D modellers. If you would like to be involved in future projects please send examples and rates to

SBID International Design Awards Winner

Unit4 Studio SBID International Design Awards Winner with the Mansion


Unit4 studio has a passion for high quality CGI, we are approachable and would love to discus a project with you. If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we do it, please contact us below or on our social channels.